​​2018 Summer Calendar:

     Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-28

        Saturday, 26th:

               Summer Olympics

       Sunday, May 27th:

               Potluck 5 pm. Please bring a dish to pass. Grills will be available for grilling.

     Fourth of July Weekend, July 6-8

           Saturday, July 7th: 

                T-toss Tournament    

                Homestead Appreciation Potluck,  5 pm. Meat will be provided. Please bring a                  dish to pass.

       Saturday, July 21st:

        Bocce Ball Tournament


      Saturday, August 11th:

        Potluck 5 PM  Turkey provided. Please bring a dish to pass.


    Saturday, August 18th:

       Wine tasting: 2 PM. Bring your favorite wine and a snack to share!            


       Labor Day Weekend, September 1-3

          Saturday, Sept 1st:

                Tie-dye, 10:30 am. Bring a T-shirt or small item to tie-dye. Donations                   appreciated to help cover cost of dye etc.

                Golf Tournament, 2 pm

                Beer Tasting Contest: following golf tournament. Limited to 30 participants. A sign up sheet will be posted on the kiosk.

          Sunday, Sept 2nd:

                 Annual Homestead Parade, 1 pm.

                 Chicken Q. 5 pm. Chicken provided. Please bring a dish to pass. Our Homestead "newlyweds" will provide cake and champagne for dessert!!!!!









 Naturist Campground


Settled in a lovely wildlife area bordered by county forest, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the trees, flowers and creatures around us. Beautiful hiking trails allow you to enjoy this environment serenely on your own or join a friend or loved one for a walk.

On those hot summer days everyone likes to gather to enjoy our swimming pond and sand beach.

Are you a bird lover? 58 different species of birds have been seen or heard at the Homestead! Bring your bird book and see how many you can find and identify!

If you like a laid back atmosphere rather that structured activities, this is the place for you! Although we plan events for the holiday weekends, such as our famous Labor Day parade, our day to day philosophy is more impromptu. We have a variety of recreational activities for anyone interested in participating, such as 6-circle golf with tennis balls, croquet, T-toss and various board games. Bocci-ball is always a favorite.

Our central fire pit is the place to gather on Friday and Saturday nights. We have lots of laughs!

Since we have no outside light interference, the stars are spectacular. Full moon nights are breathtaking.